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Resolved Issues


ALAU-170156 - Huawei Android 5.1.1: Cannot connect to new wifi in launcher if the wifi password is not saved before

ALAU-170145 - Notification count is not shown in Multi-app mode

ALAU-170144 - Launcher is crashing on performing CICO on android O devices with 4.0 launcher


Known Issues

ALAU-169562 - [Lenovo TAB2 A10-30]:Auto logout for shared device in launcher does not work
ALAU-169561 - [Lenovo TAB2 A10-30]: Apps can be accessed from recent apps list when launcher profile is enabled
ALAU-169701 - Launcher install status visibility - When Launcher is pushed as a profile it won't show correctly as managed app
ALAU-169760 - Android Tab launcher Bookmark icon resolution decreases on device
ALAU-169625 - Notification bar issue in CICO page
ALAU-169844 - When bookmark exist in launcher homescreen, the wallpaper will get blurry after changed.
ALAU-169902 - [Huawei Holly2]: User need to select 'Always' multiple time when setting secure launcher as default launcher
ALAU-169693 - Android Secure Launcher - Invalid Profile
ALAU-169692 - Android - Login failed in Launcher for multi-user staging
ALAU-169524 - Animation for dropping icons on workspace screen should be smooth
ALAU-169835 - Launcher - Kiosk mode - no admin exit
ALAU-168888 - Secure Launcher is not getting cleared as the default launcher after Exit on Moto Tablet
ALAU-170076 - Multi App mode launcher crashed when switching device display mode on ZTE dual display device
ALAU-169761 - When creating a bookmark with an auto fill-in field the bookmark gets installed but doesn't show in secure launcher
ALAU-169518 - Multi - no ghost icon for not-installed public app (intermittent)
ALAU-169782 - Android Launcher - Multi App - Lookup values for Title Bar getting obscured
ALAU-168881 - Not able to open whitelisted app within Secure Launcher on Galaxy Grand Prime
ALAU-169298 - S6 Edge - Able to access People Stripe
ALAU-169748 - Android Launcher Profile: Cancel not in correct UI style

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