VMware Supports Apple Business Manager

This past week at Apple’s WWDC 2018 conference, the general availability for Apple Business Manager was announced for the US with the remainder of supported countries/regions later this month (more information here). For those familiar with Apple School Manager’s unique capabilities, the same management capabilities with purchasing devices via DEP and flexible association of VPP apps with locations is now available for businesses. 

Apple Business Manager is a new home to provide a single view for managing the purchasing of devices with DEP and apps with VPP for your organization. If you have existing DEP or VPP accounts, you can migrate these accounts to a new Apple Business Manager portal. VMware provides full support for these accounts migrating to Apple Business Manager and all existing functionality will remain. 

For DEP accounts migrating, there is no expected change to these accounts. However, for VPP accounts, they will need to be associated to a location. A location is a new feature that allows licenses to freely move from one location to another. This means stale licenses that aren’t being used by a specific purchaser can be moved to another purchaser who can use the licenses. 

It is recommended to migrate a single VPP purchaser account to a single location in Apple Business Manager. Migrating multiple VPP accounts to a single location is not recommended.

Warning:  Prior to starting, be sure not to download the location token or transfer licenses to a location before a purchaser has been completely migrated to that location. Your new locations may NOT work properly in VMware Workspace ONE UEM if either of these are attempted.  

For additional information, please refer to the diagram below as well as our knowledge base article here.



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