VMware Workspace ONE Mobile Applications Privacy Update

In addition to updating our privacy notice and providing the privacy mobile web app, VMware is making further enhancements to our privacy practices within the Workspace ONE productivity apps, including Boxer, Browser, Content Locker, and People Search.

These enhancements present existing and new users with a new privacy dialog that includes an overview of the data collected by the application and Workspace ONE services, and the permissions that the application will request on the device to enable certain functionality. Customers, using an administrative configuration in the Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) console, may provide their users with a privacy notice to efficiently communicate their privacy and data collection practices to their end users.  There will also be an option to opt-in to feature usage analytics that help VMware improve product functionality and invent new product capabilities.

A description of the new privacy dialog and the administrative configurations for both the dialog and analytics data collection can be found below.

Privacy Dialog 

The privacy dialog shown below includes information regarding the application a user configures:

Information Description
Data collected by the application
Provides a summary of data which is collected and processed by the application.
Some of this data will be visible to administrators of the Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) administration console. 
Device permissions
Provides a summary of device permissions requested for the app to enable product features and functionality, such as push notifications to the device. 
Company's privacy policy
Enables administrators to display customized privacy notice to their users through a configurable URL.  If no privacy notice is provided, a default message will be shown to the user to contact their employer for more information.  



End User Options

  • During initial configuration or upon upgrade: The privacy prompt will be seen on a fresh installation from Content 4.13.3 and above. If the user has already accepted the privacy prompt in a prior version, they will not be prompted again upon upgrading.
  • At any time: End users may review the privacy screen from within the application’s settings and enable or disable feature usage analytics.

Admin Policies for Privacy and Data Collection

To ensure that customers can take advantage of the new privacy dialog without requiring an upgrade to the Workspace ONE UEM console, administrative policies for the privacy dialog and data collection may be set in System Settings > Apps > Settings and Policies > Settings > Custom Settings.


Available configurations are listed below:

  • Company Privacy Policy URL
    • Key: "PrivacyPolicyLink"
    • Values: 
      • "https://www.company.com/privacypolicy"
    • Note: This policy changes the default company privacy policy text to allow the user to view a specific privacy disclosure web page directly within the application.
  • VMware Feature Usage Analytics
    • Key: "PolicyAllowFeatureAnalytics"
    • Values:
      • 0 - Disabled
      • 1 - Enabled
    • Note: This policy controls whether end users will see the Data Sharing opt-in during configuration of the apps. When disabled, data sharing is forced off for all users. Feature analytics data is collected to allow VMware to improve existing product features and invent new ones to make users even more productive. 
  • Diagnostics Data through VMware Intelligence and Apteligent
    • Key: "PolicyAllowCrashReporting"
    • Values:
      • false - Disabled
      • true - Enabled
    • Note: This policy controls whether applications will report diagnostic data to Apteligent which is used to provide troubleshooting and support, for example, in the event of a crash. Disabling this setting may significantly impact the efficiency of investigating and resolving any issues with the application. 

Example Configuration



Support Contact Information

To receive support, either submit a ticket via the My Workspace ONE portal or call your local support line.


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