Resolved / Known Issues for iOS Content Locker Beta

Known Issue in 4.14 Beta

  • ISCL-177040 Copy in is not happening in to office doc viewer when copy in is enabled

Resolved Issues in Build 

  • ISCL-177002: Localization updates
  • ISCL-177068: App gets stuck at splash screen and crashes afterwards on upgrading app with 5k content downloaded
  • ISCL-177074: Not able to download content for download type as On Demand across repos
  • ISCL-177071: File gets corrupted on changing user credentials post user download and force killing app
  • ISCL-177031: iOS 12 - App freezes when user tries to copy files when there is an automatic repository

Resolved Issues in 4.14 Beta (Build

  • ISCL-176631 Limit to import >10 photos using Camera
  • ISCL-176567 Badge count updating incorrectly
  • ISCL-175195 Breadcrumb for repositories is showing incorrectly when there are multiples of the same repository
  • ISCL-176812 Images imported from photo library edit are compressed
  • ISCL-176735 App allows to edit charts in ppt files when charts are duplicated and crash observed when charts edited
  • ISCL-176047 App is crashing when user taps on Search icon post syncing device with Auto Download repo added
  • ISCL-175724 App is getting logged out automatically when user tries to import Content to CL when terms of use is enabled
  • ISCL-176977 Featured Content does not show up on Home page if only Featured categories/folders are added as Featured content
  • ISCL-175200 File is getting corrupted when user tries to Delete and Download content for updated file
  • ISCL-176900 iOS 11 - Files gets corrupted after internal passcode wipe
  • ISCL-175575 Not able to import content from Browser to CL when internal Passcode is enabled and app is logged out
  • ISCL-176746 Picture taken on iPhone with Special effect is not rendering properly
  • ISCL-176898 Privacy Dialog and Tutorial screen is not shown if user checkout and login with different user
  • ISCL-176848 Privacy Dialog screen appears multiple times and multiple user agreement is accepted
  • ISCL-175597 Tutorial screen does not show up after Internal passcode wipe
  • ISCL-176807 Rename Airwatch to VMware in the app
  • ISCL-174969 Unable to close PDF document when toggling Tabbed View
  • ISCL-176505 Unable to save copied files as a New file in Local Storage
  • ISCL-177030 Logout option is shown instead Lock option when device is enrolled and Auth type set to Passcode or Username and Password
  • ISCL-176717 iPhone - Auto Save message in snack bar is truncated



  • ISCL-176612 [core] Overlap issue occurs on the "Delete" page
  • ISCL-175797 [All] Number format dont follow locale language AirWatch Content -->Left Panel
  • ISCL-176371 [RTL] Camera / Photo Library "Save file" page
  • ISCL-175957 [it][de][fr][ru][sv][pl][cs][es][tr][ar][pt][he] Truncation issue occurs on "Unfavorite"
  • ISCL-175812 [JA/ES/DE]Truncation issue exists for "Cancel" under Home -> Settings -> Account -> Passcode lock
  • ISCL-176225 [AR][HE]The icon for Brightness is not correct on Arabic & Hebrew
  • ISCL-176017 [CN] Improper translation for string "No active downloads" under Home -> Download
  • ISCL-175870 [DE] Word wrap issue exists for some string on menu under Content Locker -> Repositories
  • ISCL-175929 [ES]Bad wordwrap of string "Document" on Iphone device
  • ISCL-175964 [FR] Bad Wordwrap for string "comment"
  • ISCL-175789 [FR] Memory unit format of Build Date dont follow locale language AirWatch Content
  • ISCL-175799 [FR][ES]Truncation of string "Unshare" under AirWatch Content-->Unshare
  • ISCL-176370 [NL] Word wrap issue exists for the string "Photo Library" in "Add" page
  • ISCL-176611 [RU] Words ‚DRAFT‚ and ‚SHARED‚ are truncated on the Navigation bar
  • ISCL-175891 [RU]Truncation issue exists for the string "USED" under content ->menu



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