[Resolved] AAGNT-182968: Honeywell Agent Upgrade Issue with Agent 8.1 for Android




Version Identified

Agent 8.1 for Android



An issue was introduced in VMware AirWatch Agent 8.1 which caused Agent Upgrade via APF file to fail on Honeywell Devices.  Honeywell devices with Agent 8.1 currently installed will not be able to update to later versions using the APF Agent upgrade method.  This issue is resolved in an upcoming version of AirWatch Agent, but devices must first upgrade to that version.

Agent versions other than 8.1 are unaffected by this issue. Honeywell devices currently running Agent 8.1 must use one of the following methods to update to the latest Agent and Honeywell Service apps:

  • Update the application using the Google Play Store.
  • Upload the APK files as internal applications to the Console. Push this app to the devices either through Apps & Books or Product Provisioning.
  • Sideload the APK files onto the device.


Fix Version

The APK files containing the fix for this issue can be found in the My Workspace ONE portal. 

This issue is resolved in VMware AirWatch Agent 8.2 for Android. Subsequent versions will be upgradable via the APF Agent upgrade method.


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