[Resolved] CONSVR-1368: Root folder of NetApp Repository not syncing through Content Gateway 2.3+

Version Identified

Content Gateway 2.3+



Earlier versions of Content Gateway (CG) had JCIFS client library implementation to enable content access from SMB folders. From Content Gateway 2.3 onwards, JCIFS was replaced by native SMB implementation (samba) to benefit from better performance and security enhancements.

Customers with Network Shares on NetApp servers may notice inconsistencies during content access after upgrading to Content Gateway 2.3+. These inconsistencies may be due to lack of SMB client support from NetApp.


Customer Impact

After upgrading to Content Gateway 2.3+, customers with NetApp servers might face symptoms including test connection failure from UEM console, synchronization issues for specific folders, and download/upload failures of files from the devices. VMware AirWatch strongly recommends customers with Network Shares on NetApp servers to hold their upgrades to Content Gateway 2.3+ until we have a resolution provided in consultation with NetApp. 


Fix Version

This has been resolved in Unified Access Gateway 3.3.1. 

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