Resolved/Known Issues in Android Agent Beta (Beta3)

Resolved issues in Android Agent 8.2 (Beta3)

AAGNT-183190 - Launcher profile is not loaded with agent 8.2 version
AAGNT-183242 - Clear Passcode command does not work for Samsung device with Android 7.0
AAGNT-183417 - EFOTA sample is not sent in Samsung DO enrollment
AAGNT-183414 - Samsung Oreo - KNOX Container root certs intermittently not installed automatically
AAGNT-183500 - Knox Play for Work - 10-30 minute delays for apps to install from Play
AAGNT-183448 - RM3 overrides RM4 settings if they come after in the XML
AAGNT-183304 - Exception parsing ApplicationList samples for Oreo AFW devices
AAGNT-182764 - AfW Work Profile Provisioning can't be done if cancelled once.
AAGNT-183485 - Bookmark not created on Oreo Galaxy S9 when KNOX container is created first

Known Issues in Android Agent 8.2 (Beta3)

AAGNT-183534 - Couldn't enroll playstore browser with 8.2 Agent
AAGNT-182930 - Agent Crash with java.lang.IllegalStateException on rotating device in Products Tab
AAGNT-183287 - Agent Upgrade Fails - APF EOF Exception
AAGNT-183351 - File Hash: Agent is not able to calculate File Hash if download file to external storage location and Product is getting Failed 
AAGNT-183408 - AFW: Zebra MX, Data Usage On Roaming restriction is not working
AAGNT-182897 - Enable passcode visibility is not working in Samsung DO
AAGNT-182750 - Unable to remove APN on Samsung Devices
AAGNT-182804 - Agent is not queued up in auto update list of Play store in COM
AAGNT-183323 - Unable to add Bookmarks on Samsung S8 device in AFW enrolled mode.
AAGNT-183326 - Enterprise Wipe does not revert Agent screen on Sony Xperia XZ2
AAGNT-183178 - OS upgrade followed by Agent upgrade in DO mode failed to upgrade agent. Product is inprogress for ever.
AAGNT-183161 - Allow GPS location service and network location service restriction not working on AFW DO enrolled device
AAGNT-183126 - Agent bypasses enrollment screens ( part2-secure to exit )
AAGNT-183449 - Samsung - Exchange profiles shows 'Not Supported' when Email app is not present
AAGNT-183533 - Escalation Assistance - AFW app sample not returning when pushing internal app update on AFW devices
AAGNT-183511 - Add Shortcuts notification is not removed upon unenrollment while WS1 is present
AAGNT-183415 - Inconsistent Application of App Control Policy
AAGNT-183388 - Application field for custom attributes is not updating according to the cust attr file name
AAGNT-183537 - After max fail attempts and Agent wipe, toast message says "Congratulations! You have successfully enrolled your device"

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