Resolved/Known Issues in This Beta

Resolved Issues in 3.3.5 Beta


[HW-100605] - WS1 gets disconnected from AWCM on Android Pie

[HW-103242] - WS1 app crashes on Android COPE enrolled devices.

Known Issues in 3.3.5 Beta

[HW-103589] - WS1 app crashes after exceeding maximum number of failed passcode attempts.

[HW-103475] - On Android Q, IMEI and serial number blacklists do not work.

[HW-103487] - Changes made to SDK passcode policy are not reflected immediately in WS1.

[HW-103401] - Launching the disabled WS1 app on Android Enterprise shows the user an incorrect screen that references the Intelligent Hub app.

[HW-102015] - WS1 app crashes when Hub is unenrolled.

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