KB Digest for the week of April 30th 2018

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Posted on May 7th, 2018


Product Announcements

Introducing Workspace ONE UEM Console 9.4 for SaaS

Zebra Stage Now Support

Introducing Email Notification Service 2 (ENS2) 1.1

Introducing VMware Content Locker 4.13.2 for iOS

Changes to Android Terminology with Workspace ONE UEM 9.4

Temporary removal of VMware Tunnel for iOS from regional App Store

Introducing VMware AirWatch® SDK 18.3 for Android

AirWatch Management Suites End of Availability

Introducing VMware AirWatch® Windows Unified Agent 9.4

Introducing VMware Content Locker 3.13.2 for Android

Upcoming Branding Changes to the My Workspace ONE Portal

Known Issues

AGGL-3180: Inconsistent application status reported from Work Managed device

False positives for Compromised status on iOS 11.3 and 11.3.1 devices

ARES-2408: Internal App list view search APIs are presenting incorrect counts for user installed applications

AAPP-5135: Updates might not be pushed when attempting to install or remove iBooks

AAPP-4941: Volume Purchase Program (VPP) applications might display incorrect Bundle ID

ISCL-176697: Unable to open password protected files in Content Locker for iOS

AGGL-3370: Android on-demand public app auto-pushed when app tunneling is enabled

AAPP-4891: ScheduleOSUpdate command may be incorrectly formatted


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