Changes to Android Terminology with Workspace ONE UEM 9.4


Google recently announced that future releases of the Android OS will gradually deprecate key functionality on devices enrolled with older methods of enrollment, known collectively as Device Administrator enrollment. The alternative, commonly known as Android for Work, will eventually become the only supported method for enrolling Android devices. More information on this change can be found in this Google blog post and this Android Developer article.

To align our solution with these changes, VMware AirWatch has changed terminology for Android in accordance with Google’s new conventions with the release of Workspace ONE UEM Console 9.4.  The original Device Administrator enrollment methods for Android, previously referred to as “Android”, are now called “Android (legacy)”. What has been previously referred to as “Android for Work” will now be called “Android”.

This change will be applied across all AirWatch documentation alongside the release of Workspace ONE UEM Console 9.4.


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