Resolved Issues in 3.14

ASCL-173932 Hebrew in PDF is not displaying correctly
ASCL-173660 Displays Reversed Hebrew Text
ASCL-173713 Cannot extract the contents of a file with Japanese file name in a zip file, when the zip file contains multiple files.
ASCL-173917 Watermarked PDF displays as no watermark
ASCL-174376 Switching to In-camera does not work on Sony and ASUS devices
ASCL-174377 Chinese character watermark in PDF shows as XXX
ASCL-174409 PDF Files are Blurry
ASCL-174332 Video does not work on Android 8 (Samsung Devices)
ASCL-174304 Unable to open HTML URL scheme with Dialer
ASCL-173992 Certain PDF crashes when launched
ASCL-173965 Camera and photo quality low when capturing a picture
ASCL-173928 App is crashing while sending an email from Boxer and view in CL and vice versa
ASCL-171603 When user is uploading to a folder and multi-selecting files in that folder, UI refreshes and multi-select mode goes off.

Known Issues in 3.14

ASCL-173959 Japanese characters are garbled only when opening some specific PDF files on Android 6.0+
ASCL-174423 Segmentation Fault : CL crashes 
ASCL-174403 CL in the main activity relaunches after sometime
ASCL-174338 Max failed attempts counter starts when the server is down and app wipes off even if server goes online and user provides valid credentials
ASCL-174190 Crashes when certain word file is opened on Moto G1 device.
ASCL-173793 Content doesn't appear when enrolled with a standalone app with any other app first
ASCL-174051 Excel form is not working correctly
ASCL-174349 Consumer app need to include dependency for storage-framework with content sdk
ASCL-173904 Crash while clicking on drop down option in xlsm files
ASCL-174228 Content Locker truncates Ip addresses in .csv format.
ASCL-173862 Illegal Argument exception
ASCL-174421 Change the yml element to snake case in add.yml file.
ASCL-174275 Unable to launch the file due to memory issues.
ASCL-174413 download starts from the beginning after killing and relaunch the app
ASCL-174389 Resume download not working as expected for NFS repositories
ASCL-174193 User repository creation failed for Sharepoint o365 ADFS
ASCL-174337 List of text in a PPT file does not get wrapped
ASCL-173528 Null Pointer Exception in GCMReceiverService
ASCL-172457 "Authentication grace period" doesn't work for Auth token login with "Keep me signed in" disabled.
ASCL-173758 Attachments with context in Thai Language not shown correctly
ASCL-174383 Crash is observed when agent is un-enrolled and Content Locker is launched
ASCL-174422 Error while opening large files in CL


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