[Resolved] UAG-2893: Admin UI may become inaccessible as Zookeeper logs continuously increase




Version Identified

Unified Access Gateway 3.0+



When disk usage is at 100%, the Zookeeper logs may continuously increase, eventually making the Admin user interface unresponsive or inaccessible. Log files under /opt/vmware/gateway/logs/esmanger.log may show the inability to establish a connection to Zookeeper. 


Preventative Workaround

To prevent this issue from occurring, navigate in the UAG Admin UI to Advanced Settings > System Configuration and configure the Monitor Interval setting to "0".


Impacted Workaround

If you are currently unable to access the Admin UI, redeploy the UAG instance and change the Monitor Internal setting to “0” after redeployment.


Fix Version

This issue has been resolved in version 3.3 of the Unified Access Gateway.

Other Languages: 日本語

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