[Resolved] ARES-2408: Internal App list view search APIs are presenting incorrect counts for user installed applications




Version Identified




When multiple versions of an application exist in the console, the AirWatch API call below returns inaccurate values for the two data points (‘AssignedDeviceCount’ and ‘NotInstalledDeviceCount’), pertaining to all versions of the app except the latest version:



Fix Version

The accurate counts for applications are available on the individual application details API in Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch) Console 9.2+.

Example call: GET /apps/internal/{applicationId}.

If you have been utilizing the internal app list view search APIs for gathering metrics on assigned, installed, or not-installed devices, please incorporate a change in your scripts/systems. This change is to utilize the internal app list view search APIs to gather the application identifiers in tandem with the GET /apps/internal/{applicationId} API to gather the applications metadata, including the counts related to assignments.


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