Updates to Check-In Intervals in Workspace ONE UEM


In order to best optimize the performance of VMware Workspace ONE and improve the experience across our suite of SaaS-hosted products, VMware will be making changes to supported check-in intervals for some device-to-server communication. The new supported minimum values for these intervals were set after a rigorous review of values known to cause performance issues in the past, values set by customers today, and values which will continue to serve the features and use-cases which depend on them.

A full list of affected values is shown in the table below along with the new supported minimum value for the setting. Please note these settings only apply to iOS and Android devices:

Setting Default (Minutes) New Allowed Minimum (Minutes)
MDM Agent Sample 720 360
Security Information Sample 720 360
Application List Interval 720 360
Profile Refresh Interval 720 360
Application List Sample 720 360
Managed App List Sample 720 360
Profile List Sample 720 360
Provisioning Profile List Sample 720 360
Restriction List Sample 720 360
Device Information Sample 240 120
Certificate List Sample 720 360
Data Transmit Interval 480 240
Heartbeat Interval 60 30
Managed Media List Sample 720 360

The following settings apply to Windows devices:

Setting Default (Minutes) New Allowed Minimum (Minutes)
Device Details Sample 240 120
Security Information Sample 720 360
Browser Information Sample 720 360
Application List Sample 720 360
Certificate List Sample  720 360
Restriction Information Sample 720 360
Update Sample 1440 1440
Health Attestation Sample (Windows Desktop) 1440 1440
Beacon Interval (Heartbeat) (Windows Desktop) 240 240
Data Sample Interval (Windows Desktop) 240 240


Customer Impact

  • These new minimum values will not be enforced automatically, therefore, there is no impact to existing customers.
  • Upon saving the configuration pages where these intervals are set, only supported values can be selected, any unsupported values will need to be adjusted in order to save the configuration on those pages.
  • VMware reserves the right as outlined in the Hosting Services agreement to edit settings which negatively impact the performance or uptime of any hosted service but will continue to utilize this right only as a last resort to ensure a good experience for all VMware customers.


Required Action

Administrators should take this time to review which settings are configured in their environment in order to ensure that the settings meet the new minimum, otherwise administrators may be blocked from editing those settings until the values are resolved once this change is put into effect.


Support Contact Information

To receive support, either submit a ticket via the My Workspace ONE portal or call your local support line.


Best Regards,

The VMware Workspace ONE Team

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