KB Digest for the week of April 9th 2018

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Posted on April 16th, 2018


Product Announcements

Introducing VMware Content Locker 4.13.1 for iOS

Introducing VMware Boxer 4.12.1 for Android

Introducing VMware AirWatch SDK 18.3.1 for iOS (Swift)

Introducing VMware AirWatch® MDM Agent 6.5 for Windows Mobile

Custom Profile Support in AirWatch Launcher 4.0

Introducing VMware Content Locker 3.13.1 for Android

Managed contacts are no longer accessible in unmanaged destinations with iOS 11.3

Introducing AirWatch Launcher 4.0 for Android

Android Platform OEM Service – Bug Fix History

Introducing VMware AirWatch SDK 18.3 for iOS (Swift)


Known Issues

FCA-186145: Console setting changes may be applied to incorrect organization group when using multiple browser tabs

ASCL-174286: Content Locker for Android crashes when a third-party SDK enabled application is installed on the device

OAGNT-183809: Agent for macOS continuously notifies users to restart the device

FCA-186053: Device Ownership Type Stack Dashboard only displays Dedicated Corporate Devices

CRSVC-3098: User Groups may not syncing automatically in some Shared SaaS environments

BINXA-6887: Boxer for Android periodically crashes from network issues

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