[Resolved] APC-1144: Android Boxer configurations may fail on some devices




Version Identified

AirWatch 9.3



The email account setup process for Boxer may fail when administrators attempt to create or edit Boxer configurations when using optional application configuration settings. The following error may display: 

Unable to configure account


Fix Version

Our product team has completed work on a patch release of AirWatch 9.3.

  • Our SaaS Ops team is deploying the patch to our Shared SaaS environments.
  • Dedicated SaaS Customers are encouraged to request the patch for their environments.
  • On-Premises customers can download the patch files from the Installs and Upgrades section of the AirWatch 9.3 product page

After the Console is upgraded to version administrators are advised verify their Boxer configuration settings.

Other Languages: 日本語

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