Managed contacts are no longer accessible in unmanaged destinations with iOS 11.3


With the release of iOS 11.3, Apple has introduced enhanced security specific to the behavior for an existing MDM restriction. Prior to iOS 11.3, the MDM restriction for securing data within managed applications and accounts from being leaked to unmanaged destinations did allow contacts to not adhere to this restriction. This exception to the restriction allowed users to access contacts from managed apps like VMware Boxer and transfer them to personal apps like WhatsApp and the native Contacts app. 


Implications for Customers:

Devices that have upgraded to iOS 11.3 will have their contacts in managed apps abide by the new restriction rules and prevent users from accessing data from unmanaged locations on the device. The removal of this exception provides a more secure, managed experience moving forward.

If this restriction is already being leveraged in AirWatch, no additional changes are needed to take advantage of this change on the iOS 11.3 devices. See image below for more detail.


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