What's New in Android Agent Beta

Version 8.2

AAGNT-182783 - User Acceptance for Sensitive Data Collection
AAGNT-182365 - Samsung Native Email should automatically update when new certificate is pushed
AAGNT-182456 - Single user staging for Work Managed devices
AAGNT-182478 - Support Samsung OEM Extensions on Android Work Managed device enrollment
AAGNT-182479 - Agent and ELM Service Merge
AAGNT-182603 - Android Agent should consume Samsung Library
AAGNT-182830 - Support ELM license activation through Auto-Enrollment
AAGNT-182796 - Uninstall EventAction
AAGNT-182744 - Resume queue if Agent is killed or device is rebooted
AAGNT-182748 - Admin should be able to set an initial passcode on Work Managed devices
AAGNT-182396 - Unable to block access to AW Productivity apps due to app control logic changes
AAGNT-181995 - Implement Event/Action framework
AAGNT-182580 - Android O Bookmark

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