What's New in Android Agent Beta

Android Agent 8.3

AAGNT-183330 Report Un-enrollments to Apptelligent - Similar to Boxer 
AAGNT-183209 Report OEM as default Custom Attribute
AAGNT-181815 Clear App Data for POEM

Samsung ELM Service v4.3

AAGNT-183442 Samsung Knox Per App VPN Blacklist
AAGNT-183104 Implement UCM for Samsung
AAGNT-183103 Enable/Disable/Force NFC inside the KNOX Container


AGNT-182774 Samsung DEX - Configure position of app shortcuts on home screen
AAGNT-182773 Samsung DEX - Configure DeX Boot Image 
AAGNT-182772 Samsung DEX - App blacklist
AAGNT-182775 Samsung DEX - Set Screen Timeout
AAGNT-182776 Samsung DEX - Ethernet Only Mode
AAGNT-182862 Samsung DEX - Whitelist USB Connection

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