Resolved/Known Issues in Android Agent Beta (Beta1)

Resolved Issues in 8.2

Core Android

AAGNT-182966 - Android device shows enrolled on console even when its un-enrolled from Agent 
AAGNT-182831 - Issues with Certificate sampling or detection on Android Samsung devices
AAGNT-181731 - [8.0 Beta Feedback] KNOX asking to set up password twice
AAGNT-180965 - power off, safe mode, OTA, developer options restrictions not working in LG devices
AAGNT-183091 - Cannot install most certs on AFW Android M devices
AAGNT-182805 - SD card for Motorola LEX11 Rugged Android devices becomes unmounted when the devices are rebooted
AAGNT-182375 - Honeywell Devices CT50 Enrollment issue on Android M
AAGNT-182147 - Android Agent doesn't display all whitelist applications under Compliance > app list > Whitelist app. 
AAGNT-182659 - Customer is using Date/Time profile on Android devices and Observerd delay of 2 minutes to 18 minutes after few days compared to Server Time
AAGNT-182764 - AfW Work Profile Provisioning can't be done if cancelled once.
AAGNT-183000 - FedEx / App installs on device but job is being set as Failed showing the status on console as Failed

AAGNT-182766 - "Allow USB Mass Storage" does not work as expected on Android devices


AAGNT-181945 - Android Rugged: Application persistence not working as expected 

AAGNT-182974 - TC55 KK: MX Service v3.1 is not connected to MX Framework and all MX features failed


AAGNT-182670 - IPSec Xauth vpn profile is not landing on LG devices



Known Issues in 8.2

Core Android

AAGNT-182975 - DO enrollment failing intermittently for TC51 on Android M
AAGNT-180818 - [Panasonic FZ-A1B] Android - 4.0.x - AW Launcher [& internal apps] via AW not Installing when Panasonic Service App is running
AAGNT-182419 - Location reporting inconsistent on CT50
AAGNT-180859 - [PENTA K706]: Pre-Define Passcode Profile is not working
AAGNT-177931 - [LYF LS-4503] Agent prompts to Encrypt device even when device is encrypted
AAGNT-178608 - Launcher does not push to device after enrolling with Barcode.
AAGNT-175286 - Restriction policy to Block Native browser does not work inconjunction with Whitelist Application Control Policy
AAGNT-183099 - QA endpoints hardcoded in Agent 
AAGNT-183092 - Unable to install Application on Android devices via Product Provisioning 
AAGNT-183097 - ZTE device allows USB file Transfer when "Allow USB File Transfer" in AfW Restriction profile is disabled.
AAGNT-183034 - Storage option for an internal application is grayed out only when pushed from AW
AAGNT-183101 - Wifi frequency band not applying correctly on TC51 devices
AAGNT-182998 - KNOX - Tunnel not connecting if internal apps are deployed with Tunnel as Per-App VPN profile
AAGNT-182802 - Keyguard Camera restriction does not work on ZTE Z-01K
AAGNT-182799 - Able to install applications that are not part of whitelist app group despite having application control profile on the device
AAGNT-182704 - NGC / Updates to VPN profile are not enforced on the devices intermittently requiring re installation of the Tunnel App
AAGNT-182703 - Passcode Restriction| "Maximum Length of Numeric Sequences" is not working as expected for LG devices.
AAGNT-182136 - Enterprise/Device Wipe is not unenrolling Android for Work enrolled devices for some specific devices.
AAGNT-182585 - App group restrictions remains post enterprise wipe for Lenovo device
AAGNT-182682 - 'Make Noise' function not working as expected via Console,SSP when on Silent Mode
AAGNT-181639 - Chrome fails to get the proxy settings and Pulse Secure Connecting on Samsung running 7.0
AAGNT-180365 - Staples: Agent upgrade job stays in 'Downloading..' status when upgrading from 7.1 with Rugged service 1.1 to 7.2
AAGNT-180278 - CC5000: Cannot Execute new Batch File for Sideload Enrollments
AAGNT-180162 - Android - Silent App Install fails on Sony Xperia Z3v
AAGNT-180507 - [7.2 Beta Feedback] If you open Developer Option on a device where a profile that disallows Developer Option is applied, passcode prompt keeps popping up
AAGNT-180378 - Wifi profile not configuring on Samsung S2 (9.7 tablets SM-T819)
AAGNT-180838 - Citi - Knox Certificate deployment
AAGNT-181152 - [KYOCERA E6820][AFW]: Per-App Pulse Secure VPN does not work
AAGNT-180851 - Able to access/send documents from personal apps via corporate apps when the restrictions profile is applied that should prevent this
AAGNT-177722 - Find Device alarm rings continuously with Nexus devices
AAGNT-175185 - Allow Restrictions are Blocking All Incoming/Outgoing Calls on SAFE Devices
AAGNT-183123 - Unable to enroll Samsung J3 & J7 using AFW work managed profile.
AAGNT-182661 - Duplicate records for the same Android device after factory reset
AAGNT-183122 - SD Card cannot be accessed by camera on work managed only Samsung Galaxy A Series Devices
AAGNT-182626 - Device exits out of the launcher when app control profile is removed
AAGNT-183163 - DO enrollment time significantly increased in Agent v8.1
AAGNT-183127 - AFW Permissions Profile does not properly when Master Permission is 'Prompt User' and Per app permission are set to Grant/Deny. 
AAGNT-183124 - OTA Restriction don't work for Samsung Tab S2, OS gets upgraded to Android 7
AAGNT-182578 - The background application is killed when upgrading Agent as an internal application.
AAGNT-183070 - Kyocera Duraforce Pro - Notification bar disabled in Device Owner enrollment
AAGNT-181445 - Location method gets changed if the location service is turned OFF/ON even when there is a restriction profile
AAGNT-182628 - Android devices being prompted to set Password when only PIN is required from passcode profile
AAGNT-182760 - Escalation: AW Agent GUI issues in Hebrew (RTL) | Change Keypad and Login text getting overlapped.
AAGNT-183164 - Android for work restriction profile changes the device screen lock settings to “Swipe� from “None�



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