Android Platform OEM Service – Bug Fix History

Below is a record of all bugs fixed in Android Plaform OEM Service release versions.

Version 2.0

  • AAGNT-177592: Toast notification for USB Mass Storage restriction is displayed on top of the screen

Version 3.1

  • AAGNT-179767: Device is not connecting to TLS network
  • AAGNT-179862: Device shows "Uninstall unsuccessful" during OEM Service migration
  • AAGNT-180040: USB Mass Storage Restriction not getting applied on some devices
  • AAGNT-180203: Product reported as Failed when service upgraded through application

Version 3.2

  • AAGNT-180837: Restriction 'Allow SD Card Access' unchecked is not working
  • AAGNT-180199: Wifi (TLS) cert profile not working

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