Upcoming branding changes to the Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch) Console


Workspace ONE is powered by VMware AirWatch Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) technology, a unified digital workspace platform delivering a single, secure experience for app management, single sign-on (SSO), and conditional access.

Workspace ONE UEM transforms your business so you can:

  • Configure, manage and support devices from any endpoint
  • Increase productivity with seamless access to any app
  • Safeguard company data at every layer
  • Access identity and access management tools with ease
  • Enjoy a simplified, consistent look and feel across Workspace ONE

As a part of this transformation, the AirWatch console is being rebranded as Workspace ONE UEM. In the next console release, VMware AirWatch will introduce the following changes including:

  • Login screen update
  • In-console logo update and AirWatch Hub name change
  • What's New popup
  • Getting Started Wizard label changes
  • Terms of Use label change
  • Message Templates label change


Login screen update

The console’s login screen will receive a new background image along with a new Workspace ONE UEM logo. These can be customized as per the Customer’s branding requirements. There’s will also be a new VMware AirWatch logo at the bottom of the screen. This logo will remain on the screen even if the console branding has been customized. Additionally, the "About VMware AirWatch" link and Copyright text will be moved to the bottom right.



In-console logo update and AirWatch Hub name change

The logo at the top left corner of the console screen will be changed to the new Workspace ONE UEM logo as seen in the following image. Additionally, the AirWatch Hub will change to be called "Hub".



What’s New popup

Workspace ONE UEM bulleted highlights will be coming to the What's New popup dialog box. 



Getting Started Wizard label changes

There will be several label changes throughout the Getting Started wizard in which the word AirWatch will be replaced with Workspace ONE UEM. 



Terms of Use label change

The Terms of Use popup dialog will be updated to use Workspace ONE UEM instead of AirWatch. This is only a label change as seen in the image below; it will not be a change to the actual terms that are being presented to the end-user or which will be accepted by the end-user. If the terms have already been accepted, the end-user will not have to read-through and accept the terms again.



Message Templates label changes

The Message Templates will be updated to drop the usage of the word AirWatch in the description.


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