Upcoming changes to My Workspace ONE Documentation in April 2018

In late April 2018, the AirWatch product documentation that is currently hosted on the My Workspace ONE portal will be migrated to VMware Docs (docs.vmware.com), changing the way customers and partners access documentation resources.


What’s Changing?

Documentation to VMware Docs

After the migration is complete, you will still be able to search for documentation from within My Workspace ONE. Clicking a search result for documentation content will route you to VMware Docs and display the result in a new browser tab. Product Pages will continue to collect and display relevant content for all VMware AirWatch products. Additionally, the Help links located in the Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch) Console will also route you to VMware Docs.

All localized documentation which is currently available in My Workspace ONE will be migrated to VMware Docs. The VMware Docs portal provides a language selector to enable a fully-localized experience, including a localized interface, landing pages, search keywords, taxonomy, and guided tours. 

This migration brings all Workspace ONE documentation including VMware AirWatch, VMware Identity Manager, and VMware Horizon into a single location, resulting in a more unified documentation experience.


Release Notes

As part of the documentation migration, AirWatch Release Notes will now align with other VMware products. An HTML version of the Release Notes will be hosted on VMware Docs and the PDF version will be deprecated. Starting with this migration, VMware AirWatch Release Notes will be localized. 

Additionally, known issues for Console versions will be moved into the Release Notes. As newly recognized known issues are discovered, they will be added into the Release Notes and localized.

Other Languages: 日本語

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