[Resolved] AGGL-3326: Google Play Store app search fails when using Play Store Integration Service





Due to recent changes implemented by Google to the Google Play Store UI, AirWatch administrators are no longer able to use the legacy Play Integration Service to add new public Android applications to their AirWatch Console.



As discussed in the knowledge base article here, VMware AirWatch previously announced the End of General Support for the Google Play Store Integration Service, which is the default search method for the AirWatch Console.  VMware AirWatch recommends that customers set up the new iframe Play Store search method to replace it, which is supported in AirWatch Console 9.1+. The article describes the steps and implications of this change.

An alternative option for administrators is to add new public Android applications to the Console using the app’s Play Store URL.

Note: Using this method may cause the app icon and other metadata not to be imported into the AirWatch Console.

To add applications using the Google Play Store URL in the AirWatch Console:

  1. Navigate to Apps & Books > Applications > Native > Public and click Add Application.
  2. Set Platform to Android.
  3. Set Source to Enter URL.
  4. Enter the app URL from the Google Play Store.

    To find the URL:

    1. Open https://play.google.com/store in a new tab or window.
    2. Search for the application and click it to open its “details” page. Note:This is the page where you can see the application description, reviews, and more.
    3. Copy the URL from this page.

      For example: The URL for Google Maps is: 


  5. Select Next and continue to add the public app as usual.



This issue has been resolved in Workspace ONE UEM 9.4.

Other Languages: 日本語

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