Known Issues in Console G Beta

  • AAPP-4578 - VPP auto update fails for apps not in US App Store
  • AAPP-4810 - Unable to add custom bundle IDs to Home Screen Layout
  • AAPP-4883 - Some iOS device models do not display correctly
  • AAPP-4943 - If an enrolled device has Content Locker and the user is deactivated using API, automatic unenrollment fails until Content Locker activated
  • AAPP-4957 - Attempting web enrollment on a staged DEP device incorrectly unenrolls the device and blocks enrollment
  • AGGL-2833 – No image is shown for captcha prompt during SAML enrollment on Android
  • AGGL-3010 – Inconsistent application details in Android for Work managed devices
  • AGGL-3180 – Android system apps incorrectly reported as 'System' or 'Public (Managed)' in device owner mode
  • AMST-5896 - Device activation email is not sent when Windows 10 device is registered via REST API
  • AMST-6000 – BSP apps show incorrect installation status
  • AMST-6187 – Certain mapping do not update when adding Azure Active Directory account using API
  • ARES-2791 - User rejected app installs incorrectly show option to remove application & display status as Installed
  • ARES-4801 - Adding a device to an exclusion group when using time scheduled profiles incorrectly triggers profile installs to assigned devices even when outside acceptable time window
  • ARES-4913 - Unable to upload an internal application to be managed by a child organization group
  • ARES-4998 - Unable to add "Excluded Smart Groups" to profiles using REST API
  • CMCM-187676 - Installed and Assigned status displays incorrectly for content repository on console
  • CMEM-184502 - When device is unenrolled and reenrolled to new organization group, associated MEM device records are not getting updated correctly
  • CMSVC-5492 – Users unable to enroll when assignment mode is changed for a user group mapped to an organization group
  • CMSVC-5739 - Adding a directory user with a customer role while using the advanced template with batch import fails
  • CMSVC-6082 - Admin cannot view user's details when it is part of multiple user groups with differing permissions
  • CRSVC-2758 – Event log is incorrectly truncating “Profile Modified” event
  • ENS-816 - ENS server intermittently stops pushing email notifications
  • FBI-177824 - The “Application Details by Device” report is shows duplicate data
  • FCA-185838 – Admin cannot delete user role despite having proper permission unless they also have permission to delete admin role also
  • FCA-185844 - Company logo is not shown on self-service portal login page
  • FDB-1236 – From the Hub, devices with a required app show incorrect device counts.
  • HW-77623 - Single organization groups configured with multiple domains can have device registration failure in WS1 app
  • HW-79307 - Unable to launch a docked/shortcut ThinApp on Windows 10 running on VMware Fusion of macOS
  • INTEL-4502 - Custom report shows a different “Device Last Seen” time compared to console
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