What's New in Console G release


  • The AirWatch console will now be called the Workspace ONE UEM console.
  • Android for Work will now be the default management type for Android devices.
  • Rugged Android devices now support events and actions to trigger when specific device conditions are met.
  • Option to toggle VPN lockdown on Windows Tunnel configuration.
  • Ability to rotate SSL certificate with no downtime to Tunnel application on multiple platforms.
  • Ability to tunnel third party applications with macOS Tunnel.
  • New assistant for quick, easy setup and assignment of Office 365 applications.
  • Added support for latest Office 365 DLP policy configurations such as requiring a minimum OS version, app version, and SDK version.
  • Google Apps for Work can restrict ActiveSync clients through a proxy.
  • Option to configure F5 Access VPN in profiles for macOS.
  • Added support for additional macOS restrictions like allowing fingerprint to unlock, content caching, and cloud desktop and documents.
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