[Resolved] AGGL-3336: Navigation Bar blocked on Samsung devices using Android Oreo (8.0) when Restrictions Profiles are installed






AirWatch administrators may find that Android restriction profiles first created in Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch) Console 7.0 will block the navigation bar on Samsung devices running Android Oreo (8.0) or higher. Restriction profiles created in Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch) Console 7.0 and below included a payload to disable the navigation bar by default and will disable software navigation keys such as Home, Recent Tasks, and Back. This profile payload cannot be enabled or disabled through the Console Profile Configuration UI.

AirWatch administrators should be advised that the payload does not affect Samsung devices running Android Nougat (7.1) and below. Additionally, administrators should note that profiles created in Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch) Console 7.1 and higher leave the navigation bar enabled by default.

In order to determine whether a restriction profile is affected by this issue:

  1. Log into the Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch) Console and navigate to:
    Devices > Profiles & Resources > Profiles > List View
  2. Select the radio button of the Android restriction profile in question
  3. From the available actions, click the XML button
  4. Use CTRL+F (Windows) or CMD+F (macOS) in order to find the AllowNavigationBar flag.
  5. If the value for the flag is set to False, the profile was created prior to Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch) Console 7.1 and will impact Android Oreo users on Samsung devices



SaaS environments (Shared & Dedicated):

The AllowNavigationBar flag has been set to “True” on all Restrictions Profiles in AirWatch SaaS environments, so new enrollments will no longer be affected by this issue. These profiles will not be automatically re-pushed to existing devices. Therefore, to correct this issue for currently-enrolled devices, any installed Restrictions Profiles must be manually re-pushed to these devices.

On-Premises environments:

Admins can run the SQL script found in the My Workspace ONE Portal to resolve this issue. The implications are the same as described above for SaaS environments. It is recommended that admins take a backup of the AW Database before running SQL scripts such as this.

An alternative resolution is to create a new Android Restrictions Profile and manually copy over the settings of the affected profile. Once the new profile has been applied to devices, administrators should deactivate the affected profile.


Fix Version

This issue has been resolved in Workspace ONE UEM 9.4.

Other Languages: 日本語

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