Changes to File Encryption in Content Locker


In the past, AirWatch administrators had an option to enable/disable the encryption of files downloaded through VMware Content Locker. This option was configured using the ‘force encryption’ attribute in the admin console. Content Locker 3.13 for Android and Content Locker 4.13 for iOS, will no longer use the ‘force encryption’ attribute for enhanced security. New and existing file downloaded in Content Locker will be encrypted and stored in the secure container.


Customer Impact

VMware AirWatch strongly recommends that customers upgrade all devices to the latest version of Content Locker (3.13 for Android and 4.13 for iOS) for enhanced security. No reconfiguration is required on the repository in AirWatch Console.

After the app update, the first launch of the Content Locker app will automatically initiate encryption of all files that were previously stored in an unencrypted state. A notification bar will indicate the progress of the app data update. The amount of time required to complete the encryption process will depend on the number and size of unencrypted files on the device. Please note that users will only be able to sync new content from the server after the encryption process is complete. Any new content downloaded after the encryption process will be encrypted and stored irrespective of the console attribute.

Note: The force encryption setting will be removed for all console releases post Workspace ONE UEM 9.4. Customers using versions of Content Locker for Android (below 3.13) should upgrade to Content Locker 3.13 in preparation for any console upgrades post Workspace ONE UEM 9.4. 


Support Contact Information

To receive support, either submit a ticket via the My Workspace ONE portal or call your local support line.


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