New Features and Technical Requirements in iOS Browser Beta

What's New in 6.15

  • Beta Feature: WKwebview on iOS 11.3 and above (Feature should be controlled by the SDK Custom Setting Key WKWebViewProxySupportEnabled. Possible Values : true/false)

*IMPORTANT* With Apple announcing deprecation of UIwebview in iOS 12, we will be defaulting to WKwebview based on custom setting in the console. We strongly encourage you to enable this setting and test this beta version and provide your feedback. In upcoming versions WKwebview will become the default in VMware browser. This impacts iOS 11.3 and above and when using Proxy.  

  • Cert auth using SCEP certificate
  • UI redesign
  • Disable recover passcode by entering AD Credentials in Browser

Technical Requirements

  • iOS 10 and higher
  • Any supported Console
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