Resolved/Known Issues in iOS Send Beta

Version 1.0 Beta - Known Issues 

ISCL-176379 [Microsoft SDK] On iOS 9 and 10 - Able to save attachments from Boxer to third party apps.

  • Register in to Send
  • Login to Word with the corporate account
  • Open Boxer and tap on Open in in any word attachment
  • It opens up in Send. Tap on any third party app eg. Drive
    Actual Results: the file opens up in Drive and the user is able to see contents of the file
    Expected Results: the file should open in Drive and But the user should not be able to see the contents of the file
  • This issue is with the MSFT Intune SDK and does not exist on Android

ISCL-176724 Boxer should only be allowed to open files into Send app. 

  • If Send is uninstalled, attachments can be passed in to other apps.  
  • This issue will be resolved in an upcoming release of Boxer
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