[Resolved] UAG-2789: UAG loses IPtable rules after reboot when configuring Content Gateway




Version Identified

Unified Access Gateway 3.1, 3.2



When configuring the content services on UAG and TLS SNI rule value is configured, IPtable rules are lost after reboot.



 Please perform the following as a workaround:

  • On the UAG server, navigate to /opt/vmware/gateway/scripts/
  • Under the Scripts folder, find the file "vmware_ap_sysconfig" and rename this file to "vmware_ap_sysconfig.bckup"
  • Under the same folder (Scripts), find the oldest version of the file "XX.XX" and rename this file to "vmware_ap_sysconfig"
  • Perform a re-boot on the UAG server, which will re-populate the IPtable values


Fix Version

This issue has been resolved in version 3.3 of the Unified Access Gateway.

Other Languages: 日本語

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