Resolved Issues in Android Launcher 4.0

Resolved Issues

• ALAU-169281 - Android - Invalid profile error when Username/OG name has upper case character
• ALAU-169957 - App Compact crash
• ALAU-170051 - Launcher Screen goes blank after Agent upgrade until home button is clicked (intermittent issue)
• ALAU-170039 - Changes made to bookmark profile are not refelecting in launcher even after adding the edited bookmmarks again
• ALAU-169898 - Receive Launcher profile through Service from Agent
• ALAU-170094 - Picasso - Out of memory exception
• ALAU-170056 - Create widget prompt getting blocked on Sony device


Known Issues

ALAU-169746 - Launcher with PBE and ELM service shows Grant permission page on reboot
ALAU-169736 - Launcher setting does not list Default App for messaging (SMS)
ALAU-169727 - [Motorola LEX L10ig]: Secure Launcher terminates before selecting it as default launcher in device
ALAU-169721 - [Spectralink] Agent force closes while launching launcher and no profiles are getting downloaded to launcher application
ALAU-169712 - Launcher crashes observed on LG G2 device
ALAU-169854 - Launcher crashes after keeping changes made by user
ALAU-169846 - [ASUS P00I]:Launcher profile does not exit until the device is restarted.
ALAU-169614 - Secure Launcher crash on Huawei Device
ALAU-169562 - [Lenovo TAB2 A10-30]:Auto logout for shared device in launcher does not work
ALAU-169561 - [Lenovo TAB2 A10-30]: Apps can be accessed from recent apps list when launcher profile is enabled
ALAU-169701 - Launcher install status visibility - When Launcher is pushed as a profile it won't show correctly as managed app
ALAU-169693 - Android Secure Launcher - Invalid Profile
ALAU-169760 - Android Tab launcher Bookmark icon resolution decreases on device
ALAU-169844 - When bookmark exist in launcher homescreen, the wallpaper will get blurry after changed.
ALAU-170076 - Multi App mode launcher crashed when switching device display mode on ZTE dual display device
ALAU-168888 - Secure Launcher is not getting cleared as the default launcher after Exit on Moto Tablet
ALAU-169692 - Android - Login failed in Launcher for multi-user staging

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