Disabling Relay Server Content Transfer


In some use cases, customers may want to use Local VMware Relay Servers in close proximity to devices rather than the VMware Workspace ONE Console to transfer content to devices. In the case of customer-specific network limitations or restrictions where the Workspace ONE Console cannot reach the Local Relay Server, the Workspace ONE Console would log errors into the database. If the customer is delivering this content to the Local VMware Relay Servers outside of AirWatch in a non-standard way, these logged errors are unnecessary. VMware AirWatch has added the ability to disable the logging of these errors for this specific use case.

Customer Impact

  • This feature will only work for customers who are manually delivering the content to unreachable Relay Servers from a central Relay Server which can reach the Console.
  • Disabling the transfer of content to these local relay servers will prevent the DB errors from building up when the Console cannot reach the local Relay Servers.
  • This Relay Server configuration is not recommended and should only be deployed with caution and ample testing before deployment.

Additional Information

To enable this feature, use the POST API: 


For help with this API please refer to the API help page in the Workspace ONE Console. Once the Feature Flag has been enabled:

  1. In the Console navigate to Admin > Product Provisioning
  2. Disable the toggle for “Relay Server Content Transfer” on any Organization Group which should use this Relay Server configuration.

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