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Posted on March 12th, 2018


Product Announcements

Introducing VMware AirWatch® Advanced Remote Management 4.3 for Windows Mobile / CE

Introducing VMware AirWatch® Advanced Remote Management 4.3 for Android

VMware AirWatch Productivity Apps for iOS to end support for iOS 9

Introducing VMware Boxer 4.11 for iOS

Introducing VMware Boxer 4.11 for Android

How to use the Generate App Token device action

Maintenance Notification for SaaS Environments using Remote Management


Known Issues

HW-80103: User is logged out of Windows Workspace ONE app even though the refresh token has not expired

CMEM-184275: AirWatch Console to SEG Test Connection may fail at first step (Hostname found)

BINXI-6287: Emails in Local Drafts folder unable to be deleted

CMCM-187115: Content Sync may fail when a file folder contains 1000+ items

CMEM-184347: Syntax Error is displayed when exporting SEG Classic MEMConfig XML

CMSVC-3944: Device asset number is not retained when a device is unenrolled

CMSVC-5361: Device Ownership of devices changes in the AirWatch Console when the device friendly name is changed

CMSVC-5529: User Group Sync/Merge functionality fails on some AirWatch environments

FBI-177847: Inconsistencies between the AirWatch Console and the Device Security Posture report

FBI-177864: Count of Active Devices by Users report may provide inaccurate count

ISCL-175893: Changes to PDFs in Content Locker are not retained after a timeout period

ISCL-176477: Content Locker app may crash when adding multiple images to a file repository

OAGNT-183237: Profile installation status is incorrectly reported for macOS devices

AAPP-4623: Network Mount Options fail to apply in macOS High Sierra when pushed through macOS Login Items Profile Payload.

AAPP-4578: Auto-Update fails for VPP apps using non-US App Store

AAPP-4534: Not Now device response to the Install Application command causes a large number of Queued Commands

AAPP-4480: Devices marked incorrectly as Roaming

BINXA-6520: Boxer may not sync new emails in mailbox automatically

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