Introducing VMware Boxer 4.11 for iOS

The VMware Workspace ONE Team is excited to announce that VMware Boxer 4.11 for iOS is publicly available.

What’s New in this App Version

  • BINXI-280: Free/Busy Lookup for meeting attendees
  • BINXI-6659: Improvement Network Error Message and Detection in Boxer
  • BINXI-6614: Change User Agent for Lotus flow to differentiate between Managed and Un-Managed modes
  • BINXI-6785: Add Certificate View Under Boxer>Settings>Account>Certs
  • BINXI-6804: Convert HEIF files to JPG when attaching to an email
  • BINXI-6684: Accessibility updates to bulk select, email list view, and to how many messages are in a threaded conversation
  • BINXI-4847: Enable video attachments

Bugs Fixed in this App Version

  • BINXI-6675: IOS Boxer - while composing email in Japanese, Korean, Chinese, every second line characters gets appended to the first line ones
  • BINXI-6760: Target faceID for supported devices
  • BINXI-4074: Incorrect free/busy status in meeting invite
  • BINXI-6882: Crash when trying to delete a message on iPhone Plus phones in landscape
  • BINXI-6496: No sound for mail notifications received on Boxer
  • BINXI-6674: Getting reminders for cancelled meetings
  • BINXI-4338: Inline image doesn't show in iOS boxer if sender add the image into HTML mail body by Print Screen and Ctrl+V
  • BINXI-6865: Boxer Doesn't Show the Correct Display Name of the Senders
  • BINXI-6226: iOS Boxer - Japanese text can be copied into Text Replacement even though Copy/Paste is restricted
  • BINXI-6795: Users can be stuck on Hold On Screen when setup error occurred
  • BINXI-6620: Hardcode issue for notification "Force closing Boxer may affect the reliability of notifications, badging, and background sync. Tap here to re-open"
  • BINXI-4081: TouchID is reverting to Passcode intermittently
  • BINXI-6722: Boxer with ENSv2 Not Loading Recipients on Reply or Forward
  • BINXI-6688: Email List View showing duplicate emails (Reloading View Controller removes duplicates)
  • BINXI-6921: After an attendee accepts an invite for a meeting, it still shows as No Response in Boxer
  • BINXI-6849: iOS Boxer 4.10 - "PolicyAllowAttachments" key set to 'False' Disables the ability to open attachments received in emails
  • BINXI-6494: Reply message failed when "real attachment" and inline image are both restricted in Exchange and the message contain inline image
  • BINXI-7082: Cancelled Calendar Event Hero Card not showing "Remove from Calendar"
  • BINXI-6786: Boxer trying to unregister from ENSv2 when working

Customer Impact

Take advantage of these updates by meeting the minimum requirements and downloading VMware Boxer 4.11 for iOS. 

Minimum Requirements

  • iOS 9.0+
  • Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch) Console 9.0+

How to Download VMware Boxer 4.11 for iOS

  • Prior Version is Installed – Direct end users to update the app when prompted. The application seamlessly updates over the existing application version without disrupting device enterprise functionality.
  • Prior Version is Not Installed – Direct end users to download it from the Apple App Store.

Support Contact Information

To receive support, either submit a ticket via the My Workspace ONE portal or call your local support line.


Best Regards,

The VMware Workspace ONE Team

Other Languages: 日本語

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