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Posted on March 5th, 2018


Product Announcements

Introducing VMware® Browser 6.11.1 for iOS

Maintenance Notification for SaaS Environments using Remote Management

Introducing VMware Workspace ONE 3.2.1 for Android

Introducing VMware AirWatch® Container 3.8 for Android

Versioning Changes for Upcoming AirWatch Console Releases

Introducing VMware AirWatch® LG Service 2.3 for Android

Remote Management 3.0 for Android and Windows CE EOL

Introducing VMware AirWatch® Agent 3.0 for macOS

Introducing VMware AirWatch® Samsung ELM Service 4.1 for Android

Introducing VMware AirWatch® Zebra MX Service 3.1 for Android

Introducing VMware AirWatch® Service for Honeywell 3.1 for Android

Introducing VMware AirWatch® Agent 8.1 for Android

Introducing VMware® Unified Access Gateway 3.2.1

Introducing VMware AirWatch® MDM Agent 6.4.12 for Windows Mobile


Known Issues

FCA-185318: List View link under the Device Details page incorrectly redirects to AirWatch Console home page

AAGNT-182542: Incorrect EAS ID being pulled when using IBM Notes Traveler

FCA-185270: AirWatch Console text elements are appended with “.Plural”

FBI-177822: Subscription edits may fail for reports created in India Standard Time (IST) zone with no recurrence date

ARES-4416: Public applications assigned with deployment set to On-Demand are showing as Auto in the Device Details summary

AAPP-3931: Changes to Managed Settings under Apple iOS do not inherit from parent OG to already enrolled devices in child OG

CMSVC-5398: Compliance policy app list samples not processing

FCA-185046: AirWatch Express VPP applications not landing on devices; device might prompt for Apple ID

FBI-177866: Application Details by Device report is not returning correct number of devices

FCA-185468: Time schedule for profiles might not function properly after upgrading to AirWatch Console 9.2.3

UXP-442: Message Preview pop-up on Add Device page is not functioning properly

BINXA-6520: Boxer may not sync new emails in mailbox automatically

DELL-216: Workspace ONE is not installed on Dell devices ordered through Windows 10 Provisioning by AirWatch


Application Management

VPP Location Tokens for Apple School Manager


Device Management

Custom Profile Support for Android: Samsung Restrictions for AirWatch Agent 8.1 for Android

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