[As Designed] CMCM-187115: VMware Workspace ONE Content fails to sync file folders which contain 1000+ elements





If a user attempts to sync a folder with an element count greater than 1000 using the Workspace ONE Content app, they may notice that the sync process stops after the 1000th element. 
Note: An element is defined as either a file or a folder within a given repository hierarchy


This 1000 element limit is intentionally built into the product to ensure efficient consumption, prevent unintended resource consumption, and to preserve app experience.

  • Ensuring efficient consumption: In general, a high count of elements is not user-friendly and difficult for users to consume.
  • Preventing un-intended resource consumption: Syncing large numbers if elements may result in high server resource consumption over time; this issue typically arises as devices sync and continue to access the folders on the Device Services and Database servers.
  • Preserving App Experience: Furthermore, at element counts greater than 1000, satisfactory levels of app performance cannot be maintained.

Due to these considerations, currently, there are no plans to allow administrators to increase this limit via the VMware Workspace ONE UEM console.

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