Introducing VMware AirWatch Agent 8.1 for Android

The VMware Workspace ONE Team is excited to announce that AirWatch Agent 8.1 for Android is publicly available.

What’s New in this App Version

Core Android:

  • AAGNT-181695: Added functionality for the AirWatch Agent to prompt for PIN/Password to decrypt staging data.
  • AAGNT-181938: Added abilility to capture data logs for unintended enterprise wipes.
  • AAGNT-181948: Sample new Battery Management items
  • AAGNT-181766: Added support for intent extra type String ArrayList.
  • AAGNT-181765: Added functionality to automatically enable notifications instead of users doing it manually.
  • AAGNT-181735: Implemented Agent APIs for detecting and installing managed applications.
  • AAGNT-181460: Added Single Sign-on support for SAML users.
  • AAGNT-177532: Added abilility to hold enterprise reset command on AirWatch Agent if device battery level is 50% or less.
  • AAGNT-181954: Increased max failed passcode attempts to infinite (current 100 max).
  • AAGNT-181343: Added functionality to display support information in the AirWatch Agent.

Android OEM – Samsung

  • AAGNT-182041: Added Passcode profile restictions to block iris scanner and face unlock on Samsung devices and Knox container (Cusom XML Required).
  • AAGNT-181762: Added ability to disable lockscreen shortcuts for Samsung devices (Cusom XML Required).
  • AAGNT-180611: Added support for Derived Credentials for Knox Container.
  • AAGNT-181688: Added Token-based enrollment for Knox Mobile Enrollment .

Android OEM – Zebra

  • AAGNT-182242: Added support for Stage Now Device Owner barcode enrollment.

Android OEM – Honeywell

  • AAGNT-181631: Implemented functionality to Disable Guest Account addition.
  • AAGNT-181765: Added functionality to automatically enable Notification Access for Launcher.

Android OEM – LG

  • AAGNT-180903: Added support for silent configuration of Wi-Fi with certificate authentication on devices running LG MDM 4.0+.

Android for Work:

  • AAGNT-182203: Improved user experience of Android for Work enrollment cancellation use cases with Workspace ONE.

Bugs Fixed in this App Version

  • AAGNT-182149: Fixed an issue where AirWatch Agent does not enroll into Android for Work device owner mode in Legacy as well as Laforge.
  • AAGNT-182513: Fixed an issue where users were unable to enroll the AirWatch Agent through RD client as Agent requests passcode.
  • AAGNT-182747: Fixed an issue where certificate aliases are being renamed.
  • AAGNT-182662: Fixed an issue with Android Location settings > Locating method locked to one option.
  • AAGNT-182657: Fixed an issue with Huawei Service APIs not working.
  • AAGNT-182540: Fixed an issue where admins are unable to update an existing custom attribute name or delete an custom attribute from the AirWatch Console.
  • AAGNT-182548: Fixed an issue where previous product file path is used in the next application installation Product.
  • AAGNT-182404: Fixed an issue where Agent updated as an internal app is installing inside the Knox Container when in Container Only Mode.
  • AAGNT-182481: Fixed an issue where applications do not persist after enterprise reset.
  • AAGNT-182475: Fixed an issue where uninstall manifests are not executing when Uninstall Files/Actions performed.
  • AAGNT-182413: Fixed an issue where AirWatch Agent crashes when writing Connectivity custom attributes.
  • AAGNT-182432: Fixed an issue where AirWatch Agent crashes when enrolled without service on navigating to Managed apps page.
  • AAGNT-182380: Fixed an issue where blacklisted apps reappeared after upgrading from AirWatch Agent 7.3 to AirWatch Agent 8.0 with Android For Work.
  • AAGNT-182408: Fixed an issue with unable to open AirWatch Agent when Launcher in COSU mode.
  • AAGNT-182542: Fixed an issue where identifiers do not match when pushing the Exchange ActiveSync Profile with IBM Notes Traveler.
  • AAGNT-182335: Fixed an issue AirWatch Agent version CA not updating after upgrade.
  • AAGNT-182351: Fixed an issue where job logs status are showing duplicate records when we override the job logs level from Device Details page.
  • AAGNT-182331: Fixed an issue where AirWatch Agent crashes intermittently when switching from Derived Credentials App to AirWatch Agent on Samsung J3 devices.
  • AAGNT-182303: Fixed an issue where Change/Clear Passcode commands are not working on AirWatch Agent 8.1 for Android in Android for Work Device Owner mode.
  • AAGNT-182415: Fixed an issue where AirWatch Agent does not send audit event for enable/disable unenroll option.
  • AAGNT-182151: Fixed an issue where end user is able to exit Launcher through guest user quick settings.
  • AAGNT-182216: Fixed an issue where file mismatches if AirWatch Agent downloads the files with temporary path.
  • AAGNT-182512: Fixed an issue with Android For Work device owner enrollment not working as expected on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 devices.
  • AAGNT-182519: Fixed an issue where AirWatch Agent 8.0.1 for Android fails upon bar code staging.
  • AAGNT-182055: Fixed an issue where input package restriction enforcement is not working on Samsung and Sony devices.
  • AAGNT-182127: Fixed an issue with enrollment password and key encryption key (KEK) persists in memory after enterprise wipe.
  • AAGNT-182035: Fixed an issue where AirWatch Agent crashes upon relaunching after pressing back key in SAML screen (SAML for SSO).
  • AAGNT-181873: Fixed an issue with product job stuck in progress when AirWAtch Agent upgrades through managed app.
  • AAGNT-181941: Fixed an issue where AirWatch Agent crashes when enrolling into Android For Work device owner mode in specific organization group.
  • AAGNT-178188: Fixed an issue where commands are not automatically pushed to device when using GCM as Push Notification Service for AirWatch Agent 6.3 for Android.
  • AAGNT-181212: Fixed and issue where AirWatch Agent crashes on setting new passcode after 'Forgot Passcode' is selected.
  • AAGNT-181970: Fixed an issue where Launcher profile is not applied when getLauncherDownloadUrl() timeout though Launcher is already installed on the device.
  • AAGNT-181960: Fixed an issue with CertificatePayloadUUID not reporting in the Certificate List Sample.
  • AAGNT-181994: Fixed an issue where Files/Actions download through HTTPS even if job reprocessed after activating the relay server.
  • AAGNT-181814: Fixed an issue where AirWatch Agent is not able to add HMAC Header.
  • AAGNT-182163: Fixed an issue where 'Accept and Continue' option suppressed for Android O enrollment on Android for Work.
  • AAGNT-181761: Fixed an issue where product job fails when AirWatch Agent upgrades through application product.
  • AAGNT-181747: Fixed an issue where AirWatch Agent creates a folder when destination file name is different from source.
  • AAGNT-181493: Fixed an issue where users are unable to download application when APN type is SUPL.
  • AAGNT-182278: Fixed an issue where Custom attributes do not update on TC75 devices.
  • AAGNT-181370: Fixed an issue where all provisioning Custom attributes are not displayed in the AirWatch Console when MX service is installed in the device. (Android for Work- TC51 M rugged devices)
  • AAGNT-181369: Fixed an issue where all Identity Custom Attributes are not displayed in Console without MX service install. (Android for Work- Rugged)
  • AAGNT-180866: Fixed an issue where SMS Restrictions fails intermittently.

Known Issues

  • AAGNT-182752: APF Agent upgrade failing.
  • AAGNT-182765: Wi-Fi SSID is shown and reported as <unknown ssid> for Android O. [AFW Profile Owner Mode]
  • AAGNT-182753: AirWatch Agent 8.1 for Android crashing in Android For Work demo environment.
  • AAGNT-182660: Application install through products fails on Intermec CN51 devices.
  • AAGNT-182566: AirWatch Agent is unable to Generate File Hash for any file type( txt, pdf, jpg, png etc) and product fails in download step.
  • AAGNT-182824: Un-enrollment fails while secured channel is disabled.
  • AAGNT-182754: Wi-Fi with certificates profile not automatically configuring on Samsung Oreo S8 devices.
  • AAGNT-182768: Android For Work app widgets are not working consistently.

Customer Impact

Take advantage of these updates by meeting the minimum requirements and downloading AirWatch Agent 8.1 for Android. 

Minimum Requirements

  • Android 4.0+
  • AirWatch Console 9.1+

How to Download AirWatch Agent 8.1 for Android

  • Prior Version is Installed –The application seamlessly updates over the existing application version without disrupting device enterprise functionality.
  • Prior Version is Not Installed – Direct users to download it from the Google Play Store.

Support Contact Information

To receive support, either submit a ticket via the My Workspace ONE portal or call your local support line.


Best Regards,

The VMware Workspace ONE Team

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