VPP Location Tokens for Apple Business Manager


Announced at WWDC 2017, Apple has confirmed that there will be a new feature for VPP accounts specifically those added to Apple Business Manager. These new tokens will be associated to a location, which means it will be much easier for content managers to move licenses between locations, or VPP tokens, as needed to reflect in VMware Workspace ONE Console.


Migration to Apps & Books in Apple Business Manager

VPP Account not in Apple Business Manager 

If you have purchasers that are not part of Apple Business Manager (ABM), they must be invited to your organization before adding them to a location. No action is required within Workspace ONE Console to complete this. This step should be affiliating your existing VPP purchases and account to your ABM organization.

Please refer to Apple’s support article here for more information.


VPP Account Already in Apple Business Manager 

As part of migrating to Apps & Books in ABM, existing VPP purchasers must be added to locations. Apple has provided a list of detailed steps to check prior to completing this migration. It is also important to note that a 1:1 mapping of VPP Account to Apps & Books location is recommended to avoid a mixed environment with two active tokens (legacy and location) with licenses. See figures below for more detail.

Please refer to Apple’s support article here and here for more information.

Warning: Prior to starting, be sure not to download the location token or transfer licenses to a location before a purchaser has been completely migrated to that location. Your new locations may NOT work properly in Workspace ONE UEM if either of these are attempted. 



Figure 1


Figure 2


Workspace ONE Support for Apps & Books

As you go through migration, here is what you should expect from your WOrkspace ONE UEM configuration. Please be sure you are following Apple’s recommended migration, or the information below may change. 

  1. Existing licenses and users should continue to function as expected if a 1:1 mapping of accounts to locations in ABM.
  2. Renewal of an existing token using a location token is possible only when all licenses and users have migrated to location token.
  3. The first account added to an ABM location will move all the unassigned and assigned licenses to that location. Moving forward when it is time to renew the token in AW, you will use this new location token.
  4. If more than one account is added to a location, only the unassigned licenses for each account will move to that location when the transfer is done.
  5. If more than one account is added to a location, the two tokens can be uploaded at separate OGs in the console as needed.
  6. It is recommended to do the migration to Apps & Books for all purchasers at the same time. Please reference Apple’s support docs above for more info.
  7. The Workspace ONE Team is actively working on displaying the new location data from the tokens in the console UI for easier tracking of tokens and licenses from ABM. This is purely for an easier admin experience and not for supporting the core functionality of VPP location tokens. Please check our release highlights for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Workspace ONE UEM support location-based tokens?

Yes, your existing license deployments should remain functional once an account is migrated to a location. The only feature that Workspace ONE UEM doesn’t support currently is displaying the new location data that is part of the new tokens in the Workspace ONE console user interface.


How should I move my accounts to these new locations?

According to Apple’s support documentation, it is recommended to maintain a 1:1 ratio of purchaser accounts to locations and to perform this migration all at one time.


When should I renew my tokens in Workspace ONE Console?

It is best to renew all your tokens before associating your purchaser accounts to locations. This will provide the maximum time of one year if any issues arise when renewing a legacy purchaser token with a new location token.

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