[Resolved] AAPP-839: iOS 9.3.2 devices unable to install apps pushed through My Workspace ONE


iOS 9.3.2 devices are unable to install some applications that are pushed through AirWatch. In the Workspace ONE UEM (AirWatch) Console you will see "Error Code: Pending" in the event log when this issue occurs. This issue affects apps that have the "Make App MDM Managed if User Installed" setting enabled.



By disabling the "Make App MDM Managed if User Installed" setting, the app should install successfully on devices running iOS 9.3.2. Note that if this setting is disabled, apps downloaded by users outside of AirWatch will remain in an unmanaged state.



This issue has been given identifier AAPP-839. This issue has been resolved in iOS 10.

Note: if an application is assigned to both iOS 9 and iOS 10 devices, enabling this settings will cause issues with the app installing on iOS 9 devices. Make sure to wait to re-enable this setting until all devices are on iOS 10, or, if necessary, place iOS 10 devices in a separate group to deploy the app to them specifically.

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