Android Tunnel Beta - Resolved / Known Issues

Beta 1

Resolved Issues in 3.3.3

  • PPAT-2710: Edge-case crash during flow status callback
  • PPAT-2916: Improved robustness of DB failure conditions
  • PPAT-2912: Improved DNS routing logic for traffic rules  

Known Issues 

Emailing logs through Gmail using the Tunnel Client sometimes fail to send due to message size violation


Beta 2,3

Resolved Issues in and 30

  • DNS Support: Implementing vmw_gethostbyaddr_r()
  • Compress debug log files in a zip and then allow them to be emailed
  • Resolved issue where uploading large files would cause tunnel to stop 
  • Resolved edge-case causing Tunnel interruption

Beta 4

Resolved Issues in 

  • PPAT-3139 - Tunnel client upgrade in Knox enrollment causes client to unset inKnox flag
  • PPAT-3140 - Tunnel client logging gets into a state where it appears corrupted
  • PPAT-3150 - Improved stability for Tunnel profile fetching in KNOX
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