[Resolved] ASDK-168859: Android devices intermittently flagged as compromised

Version Identified

AirWatch SDK 17.6.3 for Android






Android devices may intermittently show as compromised when they are not actually compromised. Additionally, the majority of the devices do not display a reason in the AirWatch Console as to why they are flagged. If the devices are removed from the AirWatch Console and re-enrolled, they will show as not compromised.



Upon encountering this issue, run the following database script to flip the "IsCompromised" value in the database for the affected devices to reflect the proper compromised status in the console:

update dbo.Device

set IsCompromised = 0

where DeviceID = <Affected_DeviceID>

Note: Substitute comma separated list of actual device IDs in place of <Affected_DeviceID>


Fix Versions

This issue has been resolved in the AirWatch SDK 17.11.1 for Android, and Android Agent 8.1. 

Other Languages: 日本語

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