(BETA2) Resolved / Known Issues

Resolved Issues included in Beta2

  • AAGNT-182747 - [8.1 Beta Feedback] cert aliases are being renamed
  • AAGNT-182519 - Products doesn’t get provisioned with the latest Android agent 8.0.1 upon bar code staging.
  • AAGNT-182542 - Blocked traveler users 403 / wrong EasID in database and being pulled by integration
  • AAGNT-182278 - Custom attributes do not update on TC75 devices
  • AAGNT-182674 - Android For Work - Agent Does not Open When Dual Messenger is Enabled
  • AAGNT-182621 - No notification is shown to set the device passcode on Single key pfx Certificate install through Wifi profile.
  • AAGNT-182441 - Add flag to turn off NIAP in 8.1
  • AAGNT-182428 - Agent is not reporting Custom attributes for MDM configuration.
  • AAGNT-182666 - Knox cert status is not sent until Device cert is installed
  • AAGNT-182645 - Remove Enable Button from Disabled Agent in Profile Owner
  • AAGNT-182642 - Agent shows welcome screen when enrolled but KNOX key is removed
  • AAGNT-181703 - MX Service Binding refactor
  • AAGNT-181989 - Sticky notification not created when Derived Credentials app is required
  • AAGNT-182078 - White list app control profile still remains when the profile was removed after upgrading agent to 8.0
  • AAGNT-182741 - SDK version out of date: Compromise Detection bypass

Known Issues in Beta2

  • AAGNT-182752 - [8.1 Beta Feedback] Beta Agent/MX APF Upgrade - Failed to Persist Agent/MX only on ET50s
  • AAGNT-182755 - Wifi with certificates fails to configure on Samsung S9
  • AAGNT-182753 - Crash observed on Agent v8.1 while enrolling into AFW Demo environment
  • AAGNT-182728 - AFW - Reapply profile does not work for some types of combined profiles.
  • AAGNT-182754 - Wifi with certificates profile not automatically configuring on Samsung Oreo S8
  • AAGNT-182706 - Unmanaged app installation is failing if Download path is given as $internal$ (wildcard)
  • AAGNT-182657 - Huawei Service APIs not working
  • AAGNT-182660 - Intermec CN51: Appplication install through products fails
  • AAGNT-182765 - [AFW PO Mode] Wifi SSID is shown and reported as <unknown ssid> for Android O.
  • AAGNT-182502 - Not able to create folder on /storage/sdcard0/Download path
  • AAGNT-182501 - Per App VPN for AnyConnect client does not work for AfW enrolled device.
  • AAGNT-182472 - SD card not getting encrypt on Ironman device
  • AAGNT-182624 - Group identifier cannot be null or empty error message when enrolling
  • AAGNT-182623 - Device is being un-enrolled during enrollment wizard
  • AAGNT-182566 - Unable to Generate File Hash for any file type( txt, pdf, jpg, png etc) and product is getting failed in download step
  • AAGNT-182628 - Android devices being prompted to set Password when only PIN is required from passcode profile
  • AAGNT-182400 - EAS using Derived Credentials not working on Sony XZ1 running Oreo
  • AAGNT-182416 - Wifi profile must be reapplied to install derived credential on Pixel devices running Oreo
  • AAGNT-182310 - AFW Rugged: Unenrolling a Zebra work enrolled device does not do a complete factory reset of the device.
  • AAGNT-182300 - Duplicate jobs are creating for create folder product.
  • AAGNT-182341 - Users see prompt to update Samsung ELM Service when enrolling into Customer OG
  • AAGNT-182270 - While switching wifi networks SSID updated with some random value Intermittently
  • AAGNT-182759 - Uninstall of internal app during enrollment displays play store link for installation
  • AAGNT-182760 - Escalation: AW Agent GUI issues in Hebrew (RTL) | Change Keypad and Login text getting overlapped.
  • AAGNT-182705 - File hash validation not working in release build but working in debug build
  • AAGNT-182658 - Device with previous KNOX container creating new KNOX containers with the previous containers configuration type(CL, COM)
  • AAGNT-182665 - Camera app does not appear in Work Profile by default after AfW Legacy mode enrollment.
  • AAGNT-182680 - Change copyright Year to 2018 in Intellectual property Notices.
  • AAGNT-181990 - Derived Credentials not working for LG devices
  • AAGNT-182056 - Input method restriction profile does not work LG devices
  • AAGNT-182764 - AfW Work Profile Provisioning can't be done if cancelled once.
  • AAGNT-182763 - Download failing on device from automation console
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