[Resolved] LOC-9540: Localized labels are not mapped correctly in AirWatch Console 9.2.3

Version Identified

AirWatch Console 9.2.3






AirWatch has identified an issue with Console 9.2.3 where for a set of languages, some label keys are not displayed correctly on the AirWatch Console.

Note: This issue does not affect English or Italian.


Fix Version

This issue has been resolved in the latest installer for AirWatch Console 9.2.3.

SaaS: No customer action is required.

On-Premise: If you downloaded the AirWatch Console 9.2.3 installer prior to February 2nd, 2018 (EST), it is recommended to re-download the installer and perform the following steps:

  1. Log onto each of the AirWatch Application Servers (Console, Device Services, API, etc.) and stop all AirWatch services.
  2. Next, Stop IIS.
  3. Run the "AirWatch_DB_9.2_FP03_Setup.exe" installer and perform only a database upgrade; Wait until the database upgrade is completed.
  4. Once the database upgrade has been completed, restart all AirWatch Services.
  5. Finally, restart IIS.
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