Read Me First - Workspace ONE for Mac OS beta

Deployment Strategies

There are multiple deployment strategies possible for the Workspace ONE app.


Workspace ONE added to a managed device

In this scenario, the device will have been previously enrolled (either via web or direct Agent enrollment).  Workspace ONE can be set to auto push to the device or downloaded manually.  Once the device is enrolled, when a user installs a native app, it will be queued for download with the AirWatch server and downloaded via the AW SFD client.


Workspace ONE installed on unmanaged device

In this scenario, user will install WS1 and have access to web and remote apps, plus be able to view native apps which can be installed.  When the native app is installed from the catalog, device registration is kicked off.  Once the registration is complete, which includes installing device management profiles, the AW Agent will also be installed on the device and native app delivery can begin.


Environment for Testing

Workspace ONE requires VMware Identity Manager. There are two options for enabling IDM in the beta environment.

Use the test system

To simplify testing, an IDM tenant is already associated with the server.  This will allow quick testing of the Workspace ONE app and of native app installation.


Workspace ONE service URL

Sample Usernames: Please contact your AW representative for Sample Username / Password. 


The sample environment has the following apps already available:

Request a preview tenant

Another option is to contact the VMware beta team and ask for a preview tenant for your own domain.  This will allow you to add your own users, policies and authentication methods should you already be using or familiar with Identity Manager.


Pre-Requisites for Using Workspace ONE app

The Workspace ONE app is dependent on the AirWatch Agent 3.0 being present on the device, as it has the necessary software delivery components.  For information on how to configure the Agent, please see: Beta Documentation for macOS Software Management

AirWatch web enrollment URL:


Workspace ONE app download

To access the Workspace ONE app, there is a download link below.  This will allow a user with local admin privileges to install the app before enrolling the device if desired.


Installing on an unmanaged device



Select Airwatchdev domain


Authenticate with a sample user and password


Catalog view will have several apps already


Choose download will kick of adaptive management to install new mdm profiles and the AW Agent.


You will install multiple profiles via the OS level UI



When complete, close the Profile window and return to Workspace ONE

 In Workspace ONE you will see management is enabled ws1-8.png

And the app installation will kick off

 If Agent is already on device, it will install the software ws1-10.png

If the agent is not on the device, you may be redirected to download it and install.



Known Issues

  • Mobile SSO is not supported. After an app is installed on the device, the user is not seamlessly signed on.  This is not enabled in the beta system nor is it officially supported in the 1.0 release.
  • Potential install latency. The time is takes for an app installation to complete may have some variability as the request is sent to the MDM server to process and place in a queue to be picked up by the AW Agent.  Sometimes it may take 5 – 10 minutes for the install status to be reflected in the catalog UI as a result.
  • Multiple users and device enrollment. If you are testing with multiple users names, and you happen to have enrolled with username A and then accidentally sign on to Workspace ONE with a different valid username B, you will receive an error the device is enrolled to a different user (in future the second authentication will be blocked).










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