What's New - iOS Browser Beta

New Features in Version 6.11

Setting to control default view – Desktop vs Mobile (Requires 9.2 console)

In Airwatch console v9.2 and above, admin has the ability to set the default view for browser. The current default is "Mobile mode" but the Admin can choose to automatically launch browser in "Desktop mode". This is for enterprises that might have sites that are not mobile friendly. However, the end user can override this and set the view mode on the device.

Ability to disable QR code scanner in browser

Browser allows you to scan a QR code to launch an embedded website. However in this version we offer the capability to disable QR code scanner using a custom key-value.

Improved experience when browser invokes another app

Previously the behavior was inconsistent when you clicked on a link that invokes another app (e.g meeting link that invokes skype for business). This behavior has been improved and now you should be able to launch the apps consistently

Improved regex matching for allowed/denied list

We have refactored our allowed/denied pattern matching logic to make it consistent across our iOS and android browsers. 

Send logs from browser

If logging is enabled in the AirWatch console, a user can send logs from the app when they encounter an issue.

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