Resolved Issues for iOS Content Locker Beta

iOS Content Locker 4.12

  • ISCL-175739 Content not automatically downloading
  • ISCL-176227 Improper Translation to Traditional Chinese for string "Home"
  • ISCL-176134 Unable to open documents in CL from other AW apps for some devices
  • ISCL-176197 Download hangs when downloading from Admin Share 416 errors
  • ISCL-176045 Copying text in polaris and pasting immediately is crashing the application
  • ISCL-176087 Unable to open wav files as email attachments on iOS 11
  • ISCL-176038 iOS 11_Geofencing - Able to access app even though it is outside Geofence area
  • ISCL-176097 App is crashing on creating folder post Enterprise wipe
  • ISCL-176146 Web enrollment - Unable to export/import content via doc extensions after CL upgrade
  • ISCL-176112 Container with Token enrollment - Unable to add files from Personal content/AW content via doc extension
  • ISCL-176144 Not rendering specific scanned PDF pages properly
  • ISCL-175947 Unable to launch PDF file with ^M linebreak
  • ISCL-175711 Insufficient memory issue for Polaris document
  • ISCL-176064 Unable to email polaris file without saving the edits
  • ISCL-175937 PPT with with Slide and Chart layout crashes in Airwatch Content Locker
  • ISCL-175848 Excel file is not displaying correctly in iOS Content Locker
  • ISCL-176077 Content at the root level does not download automatically
  • ISCL-175717 issue with the Text field in PDF forms
  • ISCL-176046 iOS 11(iPhone) - Unable to save files into Files app intermittently
  • ISCL-176090 Enterprise wipe is not happening when user enter more than maximum incorrect passcode allowed
  • ISCL-176168 iOS 11 - Save window not getting dismissed in offline mode
  • ISCL-176167 The Save location does not show up the location name
  • ISCL-176027 No Dialogue box shown for Notification in CL when user taps on Background notification when Auth Type is username and Password
  • ISCL-175505 Edits to Bookmarks do not save when app is force closed
  • ISCL-176096 Transfer Count doesn't show post enterprise wipe
  • ISCL-176019 Content locker crashes in landscape mode when 7 files are tagged to favorites.
  • ISCL-175939 Polaris:- Unable to add few charts in excel files
  • ISCL-175935 Track changes enabled - On accepting changes and moving to next, it does not go to the next change
  • ISCL-175942 Unlocked Cell of Protected Sheet showing error as Protected sheet cannot be edited
  • ISCL-176063 Logs showing Auth Type as "Password" when Auth Type set to "Passcode"
  • ISCL-175306 iOS 10 iPad - App crashes on scrolling inside a particular category in AW content
  • ISCL-175960 IRM PDF files that are edited are unavailable for open-in
  • ISCL-176196 User should not be allowed to create media files/folders with restricted characters
  • ISCL-175180 Keep Me Signed In option is not displaying in the app after re-enabling it from the console
  • ISCL-176227 Improper Translation to Traditional Chinese for string "Home"
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