Known Issues for iOS Content Locker Beta

ISCL-176205 If a user is deactivated using API, Break MDM command is not queued until Content Locker is wiped for iOS devices
ISCL-176187 CLONE - Airwatch apps intermittently showing "Offline access is restricted" prompt
ISCL-176036 Indefinite loading when wrong credentials given
ISCL-175820 iOS11_Unable to export from Office to Content Locker using app extension
ISCL-175893 PDF file edits are unable to save after a timeout period, all edits are lost
ISCL-176095 Email from Content Locker not working when Boxer changes its states from unmanaged to managed
ISCL-176135 Memory spike on syncing large number of files and folders in a repository causing the app to close on device
ISCL-175705 iOS Content Locker failed to open a specific file
ISCL-174658 Original styles are lost and replaced with new styles in Word documents after saving the file
ISCL-176351 User is able to bypass the passcode screen if the EULA is not accepted
ISCL-176238 Excel form is not working correctly in Content Locker
ISCL-176203 Epub books do not open in Content Locker
ISCL-176240 CLONE - Excel form is not working correctly in Content Locker
ISCL-176239 CLONE - Excel form is not working correctly in Content Locker
ISCL-176237 [i18n_level3][HE] Some strings are not localized on Hebrew when view PDF file
ISCL-175927 [i18n level 3][ES]Truncation on string "Hint: Check active filters or update search location." on empty page without items
ISCL-176235 [i18n_level3][KO] Fail to load the translation for Korean on the "Search result" page
ISCL-176225 [i18n-level3][AR][HE]The icon for Brightness is not correct on Arabic & Hebrew 
ISCL-175957 [i18n-level3][it][de][fr][ru][sv][pl][cs][es][tr][ar][pt][he] Truncation issue occurs on "Unfavorite"
ISCL-175870 [i18n-level3][DE] Word wrap issue exists for some string on menu under Content Locker -> Repositories
ISCL-175794 [i18n-level3][FR] [NL]Truncation of string "Done" under AirWatch Content-->Add (+)-->Media-->Audio
ISCL-176221 Badge count updates incorrectly on updating via extension
ISCL-176084 First pass of iPhone X issues
ISCL-176040 Intermittent:- App extension crashes on authenticating via touch ID
ISCL-175799 [i18n-level3][FR][ES]Truncation of string "Unshare" under AirWatch Content-->Unshare
ISCL-175797 [i18n-level2][All] Number format dont follow locale language AirWatch Content -->Left Panel
ISCL-175789 [i18n-level2][FR] Memory unit format of Build Date dont follow locale language AirWatch Content 
ISCL-175930 [i18n level 3][ES]Truncation of string "Save To Photo Album" when tapping Open Into optionon 
ISCL-175958 [i18n_level3][IT]Truncation issue of string "Media Capture Detail" under Airwatch content->Media->Add Photo/Video
ISCL-175839 [i18n level 3][ES][IT][NL]Truncation of string in Passcode prompt page
ISCL-175837 [i18n level 3][ES]Truncation on string "Email" under actions menu for a file 
ISCL-175812 [i18n level3][JA/ES/DE]Truncation issue exists for "Cancel" under Home -> Settings -> Account -> Passcode lock
ISCL-175922 [i18n level 3][ES]Truncation of string "Forgot Passcode?" on login page
ISCL-175891 [i18n_level3][RU]Truncation issue exists for the string "USED" under content ->menu
ISCL-175889 [i18n-level2][KO] Extra dot for Date format of Build Date on KO, under Content locker -->Settings-->About
ISCL-175840 [i18n level 3][ES/FR][IT][NL]Truncation of strings "Enter New Passcode" and "Re-enter Passcode" under Settings>Account>Passcode lock>Change passcode
ISCL-175892 [i18n_level3][Ru][IT]The string "Home" and Badge count icon are overlapped under content ->menu
ISCL-176141 Japanese characters cannot be finalized after converting the word from “Romaji” to “Kanji” in word and powerpoint file when using SCL.
ISCL-175766 Some text was overlapped in pptx file
ISCL-176158 Web enrollment - Unable to export/import content via doc extensions
ISCL-176076 Automatic deployment Repository with a future Effective date is not getting downloaded on the set Download date (3rd party admin repos)
ISCL-175885 [Automation] CL crash after install it by SeeTest
ISCL-176117 Versioning issues with extensions
ISCL-175994 Freezing when navigating to subsequent PPTX pages
ISCL-176111 App is crashing when user tries to Authenticating using Touch ID in doc provider when Auth Type set to User Name and Password or Passcode
ISCL-176017 [L10N][CN] Improper translation for string "No active downloads" under Home -> Download
ISCL-175903 iOS 11_ Added Bookmark is not displayed on the UI
ISCL-176047 App is crashing when user taps on Search icon post syncing device with Auto Download repo added
ISCL-175754 Automation: Device is getting un-enrolled when SCL is launched as a client app
ISCL-175392 File showing Invalid characters on saving when Encoding type is changed for Text file 
ISCL-175572 Local Storage:- Save as "New file" does not show up if the file is copied from another repo
ISCL-175808 [L10n][JA/KO]Improper trans issue under Home -> Add -> Document -> Text -> Settings
ISCL-175391 File showing as Blank on saving when Encoding type is changed for Text file
ISCL-175265 Delay in rendering graphs and images for paticular file - iPAD only
ISCL-175901 Login URL does not retain path
ISCL-175710 Chart rendering issues in Polaris
ISCL-175796 [Core] Multiple issues when sharing Audio file under Content-->Home--> Share
ISCL-175800 [Core] Improper Translation for string "Checked Out To" under Content-->Media-->Info
ISCL-175006 Performance issue when opening IRM document from iPhone
ISCL-175671 App shows up blank screen after improper closing of the Polaris viewer
ISCL-175492 Able to login to app even after changing the date and time of the device
ISCL-175581 Contents are not syncing when large number of contents in first level folder
ISCL-175320 Doc extension does not authenticate via Touch ID on first attempt
ISCL-175200 File is getting corrupted when user tries to Delete and Download content for updated file
ISCL-175487 Console - App is displaying the device enrollment status is 'Enrolled' ever after removing the server details from the standalone content locker application
ISCL-175694 Cannot display Japanese file name in zip file correctly.
ISCL-174856 Doc Extension for may fail to open
ISCL-175835 Recorded “Audio” files (.m4a format) from iOS Content Locker cannot be played on Windows media player or iTunes on Windows desktop/MAC.
ISCL-175195 Breadcrumb for repositories is showing incorrectly when there are multiples of the same repository
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