CMCM-187585: Port is appended twice in config.yml file for endpoint URL

Version Identified

AirWatch Console 9.2+






Installation of Content Gateway in relay-endpoint mode may result in Test Connection failure on the AirWatch Console. This issue occurs due to the port being appended twice in the ‘endpoint-url’ parameter in config.yml file of the relay machine.



Edit the config.yml file by performing the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the linux machine where the relay is configured and cd to /opt/airwatch/content-gateway/conf/
  2. Vi to config.yml file using the command ($ vi config.yml)
  3. Edit the config.yml and delete the duplicate port entry within ‘endpoint-url’ parameter. For example, remove the duplicate portA at the end of the endpoint-url parameter (
  4. Save the config.yml file and exit the editor.
  5. Restart the Content Gateway service by using the following command:
    service content-gateway restart


Fix Versions

Our product team has been engaged and is looking to resolve the issue.

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