9.2 Linux Content Gateway “InternalServerErrorException: Failed to create process”

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9.2 Linux Content Gateway



In some scenarios, the test connection for repositories may fail after upgrading to Linux Content Gateway 9.2, resulting in content no longer syncing for repositories which are already configured. You may see the following error in the Content Gateway Endpoint logs:

ContentGatewayRequestImpl - Error status code 500 for POST request with URI https://ContentGatewayEndpointURL:443/Content/RepositoryStructureHandler.ashx. Reason: com.airwatch.enterprise.content.protocol.InternalServerErrorException: Failed to create process.



This error is the result of the unavailability of the dependencies libprotobuf, libgnutls, and log4cpp not installing concurrent with Content Gateway during server configurations. Perform the following steps to manually install protobuf and its dependencies:

(For CentOS\RHEL)

  • yum install epel-release
  • yum install -y protobuf
  • yum install -y gnutls
  • yum install -y log4cpp

(For SLES)

After manually installing protobuf and its dependencies, perform a Content Gateway restart:

service content-gateway restart

Note: After performing the manual installation of protobuf and its dependencies, you should have the following versions:

  • libprotobuf: 2.5
  • libgnutls: 3.3
  • log4cpp: 1.1.1

If these versions were not installed using the previous steps, it is recommended to install the RPM directly from the following locations:



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