Resolved/Known Issues - Android Container Beta

Resolved Issues in 3.8.1 Beta

  • AWORK-168404 - ANR is seen after providing passcode in Airwatch Container
  • AWORK-168403 - Unable to open VMware Browser and Content Locker from Android Container
  • AWORK-168401 - Container users get "unintelligible" Corpcert password for certificate extraction


Known Issues in 3.8.1 Beta

  • AWORK-168396 - Whitelisted apps granted write access to SDK databases
  • AWORK-168397 - Unmanaged apps have unrestricted access to SDK PreferencesProvider
  • AWORK-168395 - Managed application spoofing with appkey bypass
  • AWORK-168399 - Third party signing keys hardcoded in SDK implicitly trusted
  • AWORK-168398 - Whitelisted app granted read access to SDK databases
  • AWORK-168394 - Critical data persists in memory after SSO timeout 
  • AWORK-168393 - SSO timeout timer can be reset by any app via exported activity intents 


Technical Requirements

  • Console 9.0+
  • Android 4.4+



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